A new experience that has
its roots in the 1970s

With a rich family history in the Sicilian fruit and vegetable market, our team is composed of three young entrepreneurs. 
Since the ‘70s, our families have been exporting tomatoes and other specialities from our land to markets throughout Italy.

Strengthened by our roots, with a fresh determination and desire to work, we pay tribute to our Sicilian lands in the formation of a new company: 

ORTEX - Ortaggi Express.
We are driven by the ideal of bringing a new wind of innovation to the fruit and vegetable trade.

Our mission is to facilitate the meeting between supply and demand in the footsteps of innovative techniques. 

giardinaggio domestico

Our business

We act as intermediaries in the produce industry, building transparent and synergistic relationships between our suppliers and our customers:

- We work with a network of qualified suppliers, able to offer the best quality

produce to our clients;
- We provide our suppliers with a rich and reliable customer portfolio,
with which to build  solid and lasting work programmes; 
We offer a wide variety of products: tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, aubergines and many others fruits directly from our beautiful Sicily. 
All products have a 100% certified Sicilian origin and are “Ragusano”-  from the region located in the south-east of Sicily.

Our organisation

Our flexible company structure enables us to compete effectively in the produce market. We dedicate great attention to the solvency of our clients and suppliers,

whom we carefully select and monitor.
With a lean team consisting of an administrator, experienced commercial operator and head of logistics and after-sales management,

we are able to present a highly reliable corporate structure.
We work with professional collaborators who support the organisation and due to our continuous monitoring of suppliers (old and new), we guarantee the high quality of our products.

Magazzino degli agricoltori

Selection criteria of suppliers,
wholesalers and manufacturers

- Compliance with our rigorous quality standards;
- Ability to respond to our customers’ requests for quantities, even large ones, and to their needs, with reference to collection and loading times, packaging and processing;
- Openness, honesty and fairness in commercial relations.

Guarantees to our customers

To our customers - wholesale distributors in Italy and operators specialized in relationships with large retailers and foodservice, we propose a product that exceeds expectations, taking care of the product and also of the packaging required.
- compliance of the fruit and vegetable products with the defined standards;
- strict correspondence of the order terms and conditions;
- frequently updated competitive prices;
- maximum attention to the order process;
- full administrative and financial assistance;
- continuous information on the trend of the fruit and vegetable markets:
wholesale and production prices, supply and demand trends and
suggestions on advantageous periods for purchasing.

We also offer superior courier services in order to provide the fastest and safest service,

at the most competitive rates.